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Full control over all font styles

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Structure Styles

When you use a font on your site, you may need to modify its structure, just a bit, in order for it to really shine. Here is some examples of things that we can control. See the docs for a complete list of available styles.


This paragraph has been indented and has a custom line height, also known as leading. The spacing between the words has been increased as well. The example above has greatly exaggerated kerning (letter spacing). However, kerning is primarily used in order to make very slight adjustments in the letter spacing in order to make a font more legible. Lastly, you have the ability to configure 4 different font sizes across 3 break points.

Visual Styles

Font Pro allows us to also apply basic visual styles to our content: opacity, color, strokes and shadows. Here are a few examples below.

Color & Shadow

Letter Stroke